Recipe: Classic Holiday Look

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It’s the time of year where there are lots of events, parties and get togethers. It feels good to put on an outfit that is a little more spiffy than usual, but don’t forget to jazz up your makeup too. Different trends come and go every season, but you simply cannot go wrong with a classic holiday look. Here is the “recipe” for your go-to make up look this season:

  • 3-4 dabs of foundation over areas that look a little red or uneven. Blend well by dabbing but beware if you rub too vigorously! It will rub away all traces of the makeup and your skin will be left irritated and red!


  • 1 pat of concealer where there are dark shadows or blemishes. Technique here is the key to success – you really need to “stipple” it on to get the coverage and brightening. Rubbing it in will defeat the purpose, rather use a “pat pat pat” motion to blend and conceal.Creamy-Concealer
  • 1-2 brush strokes of translucent powder over foundation to “set” the makeup (skip this step if you used powder foundation).


  • 2 strokes of a matte or satin finish bronzer to ward off the winter white – apply one brush dabbed lightly in bronzer in the formation of the number “3” on each side of face. Start at mid-temple, work outside face and bring in just under cheekbone, work back to outside of face and back towards centre under jaw line.


  • 2 dabs of a pink or peach blush on apples of cheeks – applied with a blush brush.



  • 1 eyebrow pencil/ powder to fill in and shape brows. Brush out with a “spooly” brush after to keep them looking natural.



  • 1 drop of your favourite eye primer  (1/2 drop on each eye lid) – this will help enhance the colour of eye makeup and keep it looking smooth and provide longer lasting wear.


  • 1 sweep of a lighter eye shadow on each eye lid + 5-10 swoops of a medium tone neutral eyeshadow shade in the crease of each eyelid. Dab a contour brush in the shadow lightly, then swoop into crease back and forth like a windshield wiper until blended and softened.


  • 1 steady hand to apply black liquid eyeliner. Line close to lash line on upper lid and “flick” up at the end for a slight cat eye. Thicken line as you see fit until you reach your desired look. I find it helpful to use a tap or a short strokes along lash line with the liquid eyeliner rather than one continuous line.


  • 25-50 strokes of a thickening mascara on each set of eyelashes. This is a time to embrace drama and rock a thick fringe!


  • 1-2 swipes of  a red lipstick or gloss. If using a gloss or a very moisturizing lipstick, don’t skip a lip liner! Lining lips first with a liner that matches your natural lip tone to act as a “fence” to keep that lip colour from escaping.


Now, throw on that little cocktail dress, some heels and a pair of dangly earrings for a festive and classic look. Watch for upcoming posts on finding a red lipstick, how to fill in brows and much more!


Tell me, have you rocked a classic holiday look yet this season? What do you find the most difficult technique to master? I would love to hear from you…your comments help shape the content of future posts. 



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