Baby It’s Cold Outside Part 3

Well the cold dry weather is not letting up anytime soon where I live, and each and every part of my body is screaming for hydration! I have covered lips and hands tips in the past two entries of this series- and now it’s time to talk about the largest area that requires TLC. The skin on our body tends to get pretty crocodile – like at times, and winter requires that you give it more attention than usual.

Skin suffers in the cold

Let’s start with your shower or bath time. When it’s cold outside your instincts may want you to have a good hot soak to warm up, but try to keep your bathing and shower water temperature tepid. This means lukewarm. I agree Foxes, this isn’t ideal for me either when I’m freezing, but if you use too hot of water it will strip your skin of moisture (or what’s left of it) and it will be left feeling parched, possibly even scaly. Also, limit you your soak to no more than 15 minutes.


Now, what you use to cleanse can really make a difference to your skin health. Try to use something that mentions that it is moisturizing. I discovered Avene Xeracalm A.D Lipid – Replenishing Cleansing Oil this year. It is created for a very dry/ itchy skin, and cushions the skin while strengthening the natural barrier of your skin. This is a soap free and fragrance free formulation,  so it lathers only a little but feels creamy and soothing. Speaking of lather, you don’t need much of it. In fact, the more bubbles or lather, the more drying the soap or cleanser can often be as it strips your skin of precious oils. If you like a bar soap, often glycerine based ones are more gentle and less drying.


A step that many of us are missing in our body care routine is exfoliating. Now, if you read my hand care blog you’ll already know this, but exfoliating is a big help to getting your supple skin to return. If your skin is dry and scaly, you end up wasting a lot of cream or lotion. It just ends up sitting on top if the flakes and scales rather than absorbing and doing the job it is supposed to. Think of exfoliating as an enabler- it lets your cream or lotion gain access! Ok, so I am a huge fan of body exfoliators, particularly a sugar based scrub. I love Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub. It has enough of a scrub to really get rid of the flakes, and a refreshing smell too! When I use a scrub in the shower I like to get soaked, then turn off the water and apply my scrub. This allows me to get it all over and really give myself a good scrub before it all rinses down the drain. Note: skip exfoliating anywhere you are shaving as it will be too much action!


Once you step out of the shower or bath, gently blot off with a towel. Don’t rub your skin vigorously to dry off because you want to leave little bit of the water on your skin. Apply your cream or lotion right away to help to seal in some of that dampness left behind, and also this will give it time to absorb before getting dressed. I found Avene Xeracalm A.D Lipid – Replenishing Balm great for the winter months, and even use it on my children as it is so gentle and healing. I also really love Biotherm Baume Corps Body Balm Oil Therapy Nutri-Replenishing Body Treatment. This has a delicate apricot scent and a very pleasurable texture that leaves your skin feeling wonderful and luxurious.

Those simple steps will help you get your skin back in shape in no time! Just because it’s the season of being covered up it doesn’t mean we should make our skin suffer.

Time to hear from you now Foxes – what is your go-to body care for the winter months? Do you have a preferred lotion, cream or other body product that is a must-have for the colder season(s)?

4 thoughts on “Baby It’s Cold Outside Part 3

  1. My elbows get ridiculously dry and the best thing I’ve ever used was Avon Skin So Soft Wintersoft. They don’t seem to make it anymore so I bought all the ones I could find on eBay. Would love to find a replacement though!


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