Day 1: Foxy Advent Calendar Tip Of The Day

It’s the season of giving! So Foxy Face Beauty is helping you count down the days until Christmas with some pretty awesome beauty tips from experts across Canada!

Today’s tip comes from Marie Bertrand in Calgary, Alberta. Marie is a Microbiologist, skin scientist, and medical spa owner. If you are in Calgary check out her business SkinScience Clinic to learn how they can help your skin become it’s best!


“I LOVE the BeautyBlender, because you can use it with any liquid foundation, and it gives you that airbrushed effect, without the machine!” image-sponge

This BeautyBlender makeup sponge allows you to access those hard to reach places on your face, and creates a perfect makeup application. Sounds like a great stocking stuffer to me!

So, have any of you Foxes tried this? I would love to hear about your experience with it – please comment below!

2 thoughts on “Day 1: Foxy Advent Calendar Tip Of The Day

  1. This is the best tool I’ve ever used to apply foundation – BUT – they key is to wet it first!!!! It does nothing if you don’t soak it and ring it out like a sponge before.


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