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Day 5: Foxy Advent Calendar Tip Of The Day

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Oh Foxes, it’s Day 5 of your Foxy Advent Calendar and today’s tip comes from Michelle Ziebinski, Beauty Boutique Manager at Shoppers Drug Mart in Edmonton. With 14 years experience under her belt, you can count on Michelle for tips and advice that will help you stay Foxy all through the holiday season. 10712653_10152855620460011_448126791880374209_o

getty_rf_photo_of_smiling_woman_with_lipstick_on_teeth“If you have an issue with getting lipstick on your teeth, here is a simple trick to prevent it. After applying lipstick, put your ring finger in your mouth, close lips around it and pull it out. Any extra lipstick will come off on your finger and not on your teeth.”

Well, ’tis the season to be photographed so I will take this advice to prevent any mishaps caught on camera! Thanks Michelle…

Foxes – are you wearing lipstick throughout this holiday season? What do you do to ensure you are camera ready?




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