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Day 7: Foxy Advent Calendar Tip Of The Day

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A week into the Foxy Advent Calendar … I hope you Foxes are enjoying the tips each day from Canada’s beauty experts! Rayelyn Izzo is a Beauty Boutique Manager for Shoppers Drug Mart in Calgary, Alberta. After 22 years in the business, this smart cookie has had a lot hands-on experience with clients of all ages. Her tip today focuses on blush for a mature skin.

FullSizeRender“Blush application is generally applied from the apple of the cheeks and back towards the hairline. This looks great on a younger client to achieve a fresh faced look, but tends to make a more mature skin look doll- like. So to update this, apply the blush in a figure 8 application. Use a blush brush starting at the centre of the cheekbone and make a full figure 8 from centre of cheekbone to ear to nasal labial fold. Do not go pass that area as dark recedes and light reflects. My favourite blush is any in a peachy shade.” 8800811155486

Thanks Rayelyn! That’s a tip that’s sure to make us all blush….

Foxes, tell us what blush you like the best… and if you have any challenges with application. 

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A whiz in the beauty biz for nearly two decades.... I love beauty products and have had the opportunity to use/ try thousands of them over the years. From the tried and true favourites to the newest and upcoming beauty items, they all have a place in my cabinet (really it's more like a room!).

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