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Day 8: Foxy Advent Calendar Tip Of The Day

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Nicole Garbutt was a fresh faced teen with aspirations of makeup artistry when I first met her in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. Nearly a decade later and Nicole has accomplished so much and worked on some of coolest projects I have ever seen! She has definitely become a true artist differentiating her from those who simply apply makeup on others. She creates thoughtful works of art. Check out a recent project that she did here – it blew me away! Here is her tip to deal with an issue that I often experience myself:

Photo Credit: Samantha Stuart Photography

Photo Credit: Samantha Stuart Photography

“When wearing a dramatic eye, always do the eye makeup before the rest of the face because then you do to need to worry about disrupting under eye concealer if there is any fallen eyeshadow.”

You can check out Nicole’s Facebook page for her contact information and to see more of her work.

So Foxes, are you going to be rocking a smoky eye look this season? What colours do you use to create the look?

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