Day 9: Foxy Advent Calendar Tip Of The Day

It is day 9 and another beauty tip has arrived for you Foxy Friends! Allison Kulay has been working in Edmonton in beauty for 15 years. She currently is a Specialist at Sephora, and is obsessed with skin care products! Here’s a recommendation to overcome dry, flaky skin:


“Everyone needs to know about FIRMx Peeling Gel by Peter Thomas Roth. Basically, it’s a gel – like lotion that you rub on dry skin, it ‘grabs’ all the dead skin and balls it up so you just rinse it away! It’s so much better than an actual physical exfoliant because all skin types can use it, even extremely sensitive. There’s no irritation and your skin isn’t red after. I even think it works better. I always felt like I still had dead skin around my nose after using a scrub. And in our cold (and dry in Alberta) winters, I find my foundation doesn’t sit right on my skin. This product makes everything look amazing!” s1495860-main-hero-300

An exfoliant that removes dead skin gently and makes my makeup look better? I’m in! Thanks Allison!

Do you use an exfoliator on your face? What kind, Foxes?

Let's hear from you now!

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