Day 13: Foxy Advent Calendar Tip Of The Day


Robert Squire has 28 years in the beauty biz. Nearly three decades definitely earns his industry expert status! He has worked in cosmetics and fragrances in department, drug and specialty stores. He has also been a trainer  for a major prestige brand in western Canada. This well travelled and experienced expert has a tip for the 13th day of your Foxy Advent Calendar for your eyes only!

“You can add instant length and thickness to your lashes with a method called tight lining. This is where you apply an eyeliner right into your lash line. You start by making small dots or dashes with your eyeliner under your upper lashes, and then darken the roots of your top lashes by wiggling the pencil into your lashes rather than making a line above. Instant eye opener that looks very natural!”

Thanks for this tip Robert! I love the result that this method produces. Have any of you Foxes ever tried tight lining? 

Let's hear from you now!

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