Day 17: Foxy Advent Calendar Tip Of The Day


Courtney Kelly has been working for Shoppers Drug Mart for six years, and she is currently a Beauty Boutique Manager. Obsessed with the beauty industry since youth, she graduated from Humber College from the Fashion Arts program and knew she absolutely had to work in the makeup industry. Courtney gives us our Foxy Advent Calendar Tip of The Day for day 17….

“Glittery eye makeup is a great way to spice up your look for the holidays. Sometimes people are scared to work with glitter because it can be super messy. Apply an eyeshadow primer first to the eye as this will help the it adhere and last all night.Then, spray your eyeshadow brush with a makeup spray that is for setting and making makeup stay on longer (like Clarins Fix’ Make-Up) and dip it into the glitter. This helps the it from falling all over your face and makes the colour of the glitter pop! If you really going for an all – out full glittery eye, apply your foundation and other face makeup after your eye makeup. If you have any fall out you can just swipe it off easily with a makeup remover wipe!”

Yes! Glitter has always made this Fox pretty happy, and I am so pleased Courtney had a tip to make the experience a whole lot less messy!

Are any of you Foxes going to try this glitter tip? Maybe for New Year’s Eve? Please do… I would love to see your results!



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