Day 21: Foxy Advent Calendar Tip Of The Day

Lucky Foxes – your Day 21 beauty tip is from a beauty industry rock star. With close to thirty experience in the beauty industry, Douglas Atkinson continues to bring a unique and refreshing perspective to an ever – changing business. I first met Doug in 2005 when he won a COSA for Trainer of the Year. He was the life of the party over with his quick wit, classic movie quotes and sense of humour with an edge.

As a makeup expert and trainer, Doug has worked with many of the top beauty brands in Canada. He was the official makeup artist of TV’s “Diva on a Dime” and has made numerous television appearances and been the star of many media events. He has also been a featured guest in most of the beauty retailers all across the country where throngs of women would be waiting for their time with Doug. He is able to connect with them and make the meeting about so much more than just makeup and skin care, and he lets the women shine!

Doug2pic1“I have to say that in the 28 years that I have been in the cosmetic industry that I have seen trends come and go and then return again but one thing remains constant and that is the constant desire to capture and retain beauty. Billions of dollars a year are spent on products to enhance sallow or tired complexions, reduce the sun damage that we incurred in our youth, lift a sagging jawline or fix the look of tired eyes or large pores. Trust me,  I have done thousands of makeovers with hundreds of different products and some are worth the money.

To that point,  I have had the opportunity again to experience the Darphin line of products and there are some incredible secret weapons in their line up. One of the best is the “Dark Circles Relief and De-puffing Eye Serum” . This wonderful gel actually does help with puffiness and dark circles and the result is almost instant! It doesn’t crack or get tight on the eye and it makes a visible difference if you have the issue(s) that it addresses. Is it worth a hundred dollars??? In my opinion , YES! So what if you burn the candle at both ends. Use this and even if you fall asleep at your desk you will still look good!

Another item that is worth the spend is from Dior. For years, the consumer in the know has come to the Dior counter and asked for the eponymous ‘Crème Abricot’. This odd orange butter-like looking substance in a round white container has a cult following. One thing that I noticed about the people buying it, women and men alike, is how well groomed their cuticles and nails looked. No hangnails. No ragged edges. A pot can last you long time if you are careful. Dab it on the cuticles and nails and keep them looking like you just left the shop. Is it worth $30+ ?? YES! Something you need to have in your beauty arsenal at all times . No matter what you spend on polish or what the trend is in colour if your cuticles don’t look good and aren’t in top condition your manicure will look like a ‘mani-can’t’. Worth it!”

Just in time to add to your list for some great stocking stuffers! My cuticles are absolutely ravaged this time of year and I am always so tired with the two little Foxes that live in my den – off I go to add more to my exploding collection!

What about you Foxes, would you spend $100 on an eye cream? What is the most you have spent on any skin care item?


Let's hear from you now!

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