Day 23: Foxy Advent Calendar Tip Of The Day

Teresa Browning Johnston has worked for 20 years as a makeup artist, and is currently the Beauty Boutique Manager at a Shoppers Drug Mart in Tecumseh, Ontario. In addition to delighting her lucky store customers, Teresa is providing us with the Day 23 Tip. This will keep your mascara from being contaminated and drying out making it last much longer, and in the long run Foxes, this one will be saving you some of your hard earned money!

10514288_10152163806707477_4343223163923463846_o“I pull the mascara wand out and spin the wand on the back of my hand removing ALL mascara. This creates a pile of the formula on my hand. I then dip wand into loose product and then apply to lashes. I get less clumps and more product at base of lash to build a false lash look..repeat on second lash.You only have to pull your wand once, therefore not pushing unnecessary air in to your mascara tube (which can dry it out faster). PLUS, any additional product left on hand, I use as a gel liner. Works perfect!!!”

This is a cool trick I am going to have to try out for myself! Thanks so much Teresa!

Foxes, on the topic of mascara, how long do you keep yours before you replace it? Did you know it should be disposed of within 3 months?

Let's hear from you now!

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