I Am Living Proof (that good hair products actually exist)

I have been hearing about Living Proof products for a long time, and while beauty editors feature them frequently and the reviews are all pretty glowing, I have trouble finding hair products that work for me and generally I do not believe the hype. I saw that Sephora had a set for Christmas and it was a very good value, so I added it to my wish list/ told my husband to go buy it for me. 

First off, Jennifer Aniston is a spokesperson/ co-owner. Who hasn’t dreamed about having her hair at some point in her career? It is always on point and looks incredibly healthy. So naturally, a partnership with a hair company seems obvious,  but the fact she is an actual co-owner says a little more to me than if she were just a spokesperson. Jen

Next, the founders and creators are scientists. Like, MIT scientists. Not that other scientists fall short, but MIT is an impressive credential to even someone like me who is not part of the scientific community (surprised by this? LOL!). Their team consists of science-y folks as well as investment partners and stylists.

Science has a lot to do with these products. The team combined molecules to ensure that we all have an amazing hair day. This sounds crazy and magic (like in this previous post where you learn I like to deem certain types of products to be magic), but the technology in this brand is nothing short of amazing. I will speak more to this after I share my personal experience with the products.

My set came with a full size Prime Style Extender (which is the one I had been dying to try), and a small size of the Instant Texture Mist and of the Flex Shaping Hair Spray. My hair texture is very fine and I tend to lack volume but have frizzy ends (due to frequent colour processing and heat styling). I am always experimenting with different hair products and it is very rare that I make a repeat purchase on any of them.

Prime Style Extender ($15 – $68) In short, this product is supposed to make your style last longer. I did not know exactly what this meant when I tried it. Would it make my hair look good morning to night? Would my hair get a second day out of the style? I really hate washing and styling my hair, so days that I actually do this I usually put extra effort in to get some longevity out of it. This product gives me hope.

Instant Texture Mist ($18 – $32) – In the past I have used volumizers and I expected a similar result – usually disappointment because the product weighed my fine hair down too much or just made it feel greasy. This one was a surprise! They claim you will “Get tailor-made texture in 10 seconds with this weightless texturizing spray (that lasts for days).” Hmmm… let’s see what really happened.

Flex Shaping Hairspray ($18 – $29) – This is an intriguing product to me as it is a “3 solutions in 1 spray.” A multi-tasking hairspray to get any look on damp or dry hair. You can use it to set, style or finish, and is remains touchable and brushable without flaking. I put it to the test!

Day 1
Day 1

Day 1 -So, I put the Prime Style Extender on my damp hair and blow dryed it as usual. I decided to skip my mousse so I could see what this product alone would do. I was super impressed with the way my hair looked with simply blow drying. It was smooth and shiny, and I usually required my straightener to get this result. I still used my straightener a little out of habit. My hair looked great all day long, and it did not tangle at all. So, I went to bed with it put up on top of my head with an 80’s scrunchie like I usually do.

Day 2
Day 2

Day 2 – I woke up and took out the scrunchie and shook my hair out. What??? It looked good. Almost as good as yesterday, and I just needed to brush it a wee bit to get it all where it belonged. If anything, my hair had a little more volume than the day before. I am very happy with this result since usually my day 2 hair needs a lot more work and my straightener to get out all of the kinks. I use a touch of the Flex Shaping Hairspray to hold the style and tame any runaway hairs that are sticking up. I am pleased with the spray as it feels absolutely weightless and has no stickiness at all, and seems to hold invisibly.

Day 3
Day 3

Day 3- Hair looks a little limp today but still not frizzy or messy. I decide to try out the Instant Texture Mist today to see what happens. I spray a little in one side and “fluff” my hair with my fingers. I can feel immediate texture – like it has substance to it now and isn’t as slippery or limp. I spray some all over and decide this may be a fun experiment to use my straightening iron to curl it. Usually the curl slips right out of my clean, fine hair, but this texture mist gives my straightener something to grip onto and the waves are staying as I twist it down my hair.  I curl all over my head, ensure the hair is cool and then gently run my fingers through curls to relax them for a softer wave. I like this hair do a lot thanks to the added texture!

Day 4 – My hair does not look so good when I wake up. It is a little more messy and chaotic. But heck, I am gonna make it work. I just can’t bear to wash it and could really use a little extra sleep.  I give it a good brush out and use the the Flex Shaping Hairspray before using my straightener to smooth it out a bit. I end up pulling it into a low pony tail but the top of my head is not looking like anything good at all. It is OK for “weekend” or errand hair, but I would not want to wear it to work this way. It is a little too messy and unkempt for my preference, and there are little pieces sticking out all over the place. I did not take a picture of this day as I also went bare faced all day and felt a little blah.

Using the items from this set gives me up to 4 days between a hair wash. Any of you with a busy schedule or those of you who hate washing hair can appreciate the power of this. I would recommend taking a little extra time on day one to really smooth your hair and get it right, and the following days my hair seemed to fall into place without much coaxing. I generally prefer to only go for the 3 days before I wash it again, but if the fourth day lands on a weekend and I have no plans I will allow it to happen and anyone who witnesses it probably would never guess it has been that long anyhow.

As a result of falling in love with the Living Proof products that I tried, I actually spent a little time reading the company website to understand what sets them apart. They worked much better and they differed from everything else I had previously used. It is most definitely the brilliant minds creating these formulas that came up with AH-MAY-ZING (magic) ingredients like this:

  • OFPMA – In the Prime Style Extender, this is a brilliantly bulletproof molecule that creates a thin, invisible shield around every hair strand. It makes your hair become healthier over time, strengthens and protects hair, balances the flow of moisture in and out of strands, so damaging moisture flux is controlled, fights off humidity and frizz, helps your hair repel oil and dirt so it stays cleaner, longer (magic!) and makes the hair texture polished into a smooth, glossy lustre.
  • PBAE is found in the Instant Texture Mist and it creates a micropattern of thickening dots on every hair strand, making hair look and behave like textured, full, thick hair. PBAE creates friction and space between every fine hair strand to fight flatness without any of the damage or baggage of conventional technologies, it makes hair behaves like full, thick hair with body and volume, and the hair has volume and texture that is revivable and long lasting (magic!).
  • Flexible Web Technology is in the Flex Shaping Hairspray and it holds hair in place at any step during the styling process. When used to set, Flex creates lasting volume, waves and curls with touchable, brushable hold that is buildable. When used to style, Flex builds, shapes and adds structure to any look and is completely layerable without build up, When used to finish, Flex gives flexible hold, natural movement and humidity protection with a beautiful shine that never flakes.

Overall, the Living Proof products really blew me away. I feel as though I have finally discovered something that lives up to its claims. I even found the same set on sale after Christmas and picked up another one. The set was a great deal which is incentive enough to purchase, but I can honestly say after using these products for over a month now, I would not hesitate to pick any of these up at full price. They are totally worth the investment to me, and I look forward to trying more products in the line.

So tell me Foxes, have any of you ever used Living Proof hair products? Which one(s) and what were your results? Please share as I am looking for suggestions on what to try next!

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