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Back in December on Day 19 of the Foxy Advent Calendar Tip Of The Day, you first met the wonderfully talented Patrice Boudreau with a teaser on choosing the right foundation. This is a topic that deserves a deeper dive, and today Foxy Face Beauty welcomes Patrice as our guest contributor. You may recall my last post I wrote about my love affair with a foundation… I wish you will find your match too! Xoxo – Head Fox

In this world of selfies and various social media platforms capturing our every moment, it can be reassuring to put our best face forward to have the confidence to shine in every snap shot. Finding your perfect match is like meeting the partner of your dreams, and this arm candy will make your face light up like nobody else ever has!

The unfortunate thing with foundation is that if you see it, then it is generally the wrong one. Too many times the bearer of these second skins find themselves in a jungle of confusing choices, and quite frankly it could be a little intimidating.

Some good advice before you enter the world of foundation is to be prepared. Consider these three things before you begin your search for the perfect match.

  • What kind of coverage I am looking for? Do you have anything to camouflage or are you just looking to enhance your complexion? Maybe you want to simply refine the texture of your skin and make it smoother looking?
  • What is the texture you prefer to apply on your skin? Different textures are now available to please the most demanding consumer, from the ever so light mousse type to the most comforting creams, without forgetting the practical powders.
  • What should be its final result? Are you expecting to stay matte all day? Maybe you prefer to have a radiant, glowing look, or how about sparkling like a star on the red carpet!

Once you can answer all of these questions, you will be closer to finding your true love…. 

IMG_0081When you arrive at your favourite cosmetic counter, you will find out quickly that there are a vast array of foundations and many made for your skin type! The complexion products have changed quite a bit since their first days, and now they can even treat your skin as an extension of your day time treatment. You are looking for your Mr. Right, not just Mr. Right Now, so take your time and choose it right! Don’t try to rush or cheat; there is nothing worse than a mismatched foundation.

If you have a dry skin that tends to be uncomfortable and tight, ask for a foundation that will maintain hydration in your skin all day. If your skins gets shiny after two hours and you just feel like washing it, request one that will help regulate the sebum secretion. If you are spending a lot of time outside and sun is an issue, you can get a foundation that will supplement your sun care routine.

Here we are one step closer to “Mr. Right”

Now let’s visit the complex world of colour choice and find one that will embrace your complexion.  I generally encounter three types of needs:ton3

  • If you would like to create the perfect finish that will give you flawless looking skin, your choice of colour should blend into your neck and create a seamless line so you won’t have to blend the color down to your shoulders. Try three different colours that look close to your own skin tone by swiping at your jaw line, but do not blend in too much. The one that seems to disappear will be the right one! If you aren’t quite sure, put a drop on your neck, and see if it blends in totally.
  • If you find your skin is dull and you’re in search of a little brightness, choose something that has a pink undertone so it counteracts the yellowness of sallow skin. In this particular choice you will find that it is better in a low light environment or under evening lighting.
  • If you prefer to wear as little as possible, you can then choose something a little darker, but in this case the application will be very important to avoid a mask effect. You can also pick a foundation that is low in colour pigments . I find this particular choice is very popular for people that have no time or would like to create a healthy summer look. Have you ever noticed that in the summer because we are “tan” that we don’t feel the need to wear so much blush and all this tralala…well it is simply because our skin looks rested when it has a little colour!

We are so close now! What to do on your first date (aka how to apply it)

A quick and easy way to apply foundation is with your hands. The simple heat that is in our hands is just like magic – it melts the foundation into your skin and helps the foundation to embrace all the features of your face. If you choose a liquid or mousse type foundation that is not too heavy in color pigments (low to medium coverage) or one that is darker than your own complexion, you will apply only four little drops – one to your forehead, one to your nose and one on each cheek. Then blend in a sweeping motion from the center of your face toward the outside. Because you didn’t apply any on the chin area, you will drag the product from elsewhere on your face blending toward the bottom of your face. Then, the amount of foundation towards the bottom of your face should be so minimal that it should be no problem for the product to blend right into your neck and feel just like if it disappears.Products7207-275x300-149509

Using a foundation brush to apply makeup may feel more perfect, and as an added bonus you will use less than you normally would to cover your entire face. In the case of creating that perfect full coverage, this instrument will provide you with a much better finish than using your bare hands. Put a drop of foundation to your forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin. In this case the foundation colour chosen should really be blending naturally into your skin without effort and be a perfect match –  especially in the case of high coverage foundation. Then use your brush in a sweeping movement again toward the exterior of the face in all directions. You can tap or “stipple” your brush onto areas of your face that you wish to have more coverage.

Of course you might consider changing your foundation as your skin changes colour.  I always believe that you should own at least two foundations – a light colour that matches you in the winter and a darker one for the summer. The texture of these could be different as well. You might search for something more comforting and creamier in the winter, and as you get in the hot summer months a much desired light weight and oil free foundation could be your other choice. As for the spring and the fall you could simply mix the two together so you will always have the perfect tone for the season.

Here you are now! You know how to get your next love…your second skin.

 As a professional freelance makeup artist, Patrice has been working in television and on feature films for the past 20 years – Robocop and TV series Suits are recent projects.  He is cited as a source in countless beauty editorials and is a truly divine artist.

So Foxy Face beauties – do you already have a “go-to” foundation? What kind is it? Also, sending a Happy Valentine’s Day to my Foxy Friends all over the world! ♥

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