Foxy Face Needs – Hair & Body Edition

On my last Must-Haves post, I talked about the things I could not live without for my face products. Of course I thought of a few more after I posted it, but I will have to save those for another time, because this one is all about HAIR and BODY product must-haves!

As I mentioned before, I rarely buy something more than once, and if I buy it more than twice it means I really, really like it. I am exposed to many brands all of the time, and every now and again I find a few gems that I can not do without. On that note, let’s get started!

Flacon-Lait-corporel-400ml-CMJN-HDBiotherm Lait Corporel Body Milk – I first tried this body milk back when Alanis Morisette was ruling the airwaves, so that gives you an idea of how many years I have been loving this iconic lotion! Described as “deliciously smooth and fabulously fresh”, this milky lotion is one of the single most pleasant things I have ever used on my body. It does not feel sticky, greasy, or watery, it absorbs in right away and leaves my skin soft and smelling so citrusy and clean. This is a truly magical elixir of sensorial pleasures; from the impossibly smooth texture, to the fragrant yet delicate scent. This is one of those products that feels like a true escape when I apply it and it is a worthy self- indulgent treat or a spectacular gift for anyone who appreciates luxury!

Algemarin Foam Bath Original – If I am not mistaken, I remember seeing this blue container with the little sea horse on it when I was only about 4 or 5 years old. algeAs a kid, this was not MY bubble bath, but I was fascinated by the beautiful blue container and sea shell looking lid. Fast forward to when I am an adult working in a drug store- it comes in for Christmas stock and I buy one to try it out. I am now hooked forever. First of all, it turns your bath water blue. The same beautiful blue shade as the container, and it immediately transports me to another place where relaxation rules. Algemarin Bubble Bath contains mineral-rich sea algae to soothe your skin and while I do not find it moisturizing at all, I also don’t find it drying. The other feature that makes me love this product is the “fresh seaside scent”. OK, I have been seaside and it is not always that pleasant, but this product smells more like what you would want the seaside to smell like rather than how it actually smells. I have no idea how long this product has been around for, and sometimes I can not find it anywhere, but I like to have it in my house as often as possible. I suggest if you see it to try it, and if you like it stock up!

loccitaneL’Occitane Shea Hand Cream – I first tried this product last year, and praised it in this blog post. I have gone through about 5-6 tubes (travel size) of this in the past 2 months, and have the really big one now. This is fantastic cream that moisturizes, absorbs well, and most importantly it works. I know I can probably get something effective that costs a little less, but I like everything about this cream – the scent, the texture, the packaging. I need it all!

Pantene Hair Conditioner – I am not loyal to a specific type of Pantene Hair Conditioner, and will generally use any of them (except the volumizing one – I hate that one for me). I have been using their conditioners since the late 90’s, and from time to time I will try something else.725_FIND_MY_PANTENE I always end up back at Pantene. I am not particular about shampoos at all, but I need my conditioner to smell decent, detangle my fine hair easily, feel lightweight and non-greasy, and ease my styling process. Pantene is the ONLY one that hits the mark for me on all of these requirements. I have used high end salon stuff, cheap to expensive drug store stuff, and I always arrive back at Pantene.

stylelab-prime-pdp-top_1 (1)
Living Proof Prime Style Extender Cream – This is a really new product in my must-have roster, and I don’t often consider something a must-have before I have even finished the first tube. But at the rate this little number is performing, it will surely be with me for years to come. It has literally allowed cut the amount of times I wash my hair in half! I can get away with washing my hair now only about twice a week, and this saves me so much time. For myself, all the hype around this product was true, and really with Jennifer Aniston as a co-owner did we expect less?

OK your turn Foxes! Tell me what hair and body products you can’t live without. Maybe it will encourage me to hoard a little more….

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