Baby Be Gentle

I have two little Foxes in my den. They are my precious and precocious little ones, and it is my duty as a parent to keep them safe and healthy for as long as I can. Imagine my dismay (and I am sure many other moms felt this way) when shortly after my first child was born, it was made public that a well known baby care line contained some very questionable, if not down-right dangerous, ingredients. It was then that I began my search for “natural” and effective baby products for the bath and to moisturize their delicate (11)

The problem with a lot of things that I have found out there, is that they smell a little… well yucky or boring. I don’t want to smother them in fragrance, but it would be nice to use something that imparts a delicate and non-offensive scent. One thing I absolutely love about scents is how a quick whiff can transport you to another place and time. Scent is so linked to memory that I strive to surround myself with scent “mementos” so I can revisit those special moments with a quick whiff. Moments like bathing the little babe for the first time, moments like gently rubbing lotion into their dry little legs before bedtime, and moments like smelling their deliciousness as you place them into their beds… sigh. Can you tell I am already a little sentimental (or rather scent-imental?).

SO back to the topic at hand… it is easy for me to divert when walking down memory lane. Here are some of the things I have used with my baby (and now toddler) Foxes:Baby_Bee_Bubble_Bath_CA

  • Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Bubble Bath (approx $10 CAD)- This brand has been one that I have dabbled in for years. I have personally used many of their products and really like them. The brand has a history of using natural and pure ingredients and have been doing so even before it was the thing to do. So, when I had my first child, it was a no- brainer to seek out baby products from Burts Bees. I love this Bubble Bath. It smells so wonderful and makes a gentle foam in the tub. The website states that it is “a plant-based cleansing complex combined with nourishing soy protein to wash baby’s skin without irritation. Glycerin is added to moisturize and a touch of vanilla extract helps calm and comfort baby.” This is a wash that I have bought time and again, and every time I smell it I am brought back to those first precious moments bathing my babes. Love love love. Baby Bee Nourishing Oil is a perfect partner. Infused with apricot oil, this is a divine addition to the bath water for extra moisture, or wonderful used as a post-bath massage to make their tender skin glow with health. And talk about scent… wow! This combo of products for the win!
  • ABC Arbonne Baby Care® Hair & Body Wash ($24 CAD)– New Formula – FULL DISCLOSURE: A Foxy reader sent me this and the n850CA.Lgbody lotion to try and to review. Arbonne is a direct sell brand, and I have never tried anything from them before. Here is what I knew about the brand prior to trying these products: Dr. Phil’s wife used to promote them on his show, and that they also take a safe approach to their formulations. I used the Hair & Body Wash as just that – to wash their hair and as an addition to the running bath water. I would say that this product was gentle and effective. It does have a very light scent, and I think people who want something with no smell would find this gentle enough. I would probably gift this to someone who was expecting because it’s gentle and the company has a good reputation for the care they put into their ingredients. For myself I might use it again, but it does not leave a lingering smell that I can relate to the bath memories. I know many people would prefer this type of product over something with a noticeable smell, and for that I would say it is a great product for many.
  • Live Clean Baby Gentle Moisture Tearless Shampoo & Wash (approx $11 CAD for large size)- gentle moisture tearless shampoo and washI have used this one the most often next to the Burts Bees. Live Clean Baby is clinically tested and enriched with certified organic botanicals of Chamomile, Lavender and Aloe. This has a nice delicate scent that smells fresh and clean. I love that I can buy this in a larger size with a pump and I feel it offers a very good value for the quality.
  • Aleva Naturals Sleep Easy® Hair &Body Wash (approx $8.99 CAD) – This brand is one I had never heard of before I had kids and with good reason- their products are very baby/ maternity focused. I saw this brand at imagea specialty baby store, but have noticed it popping up in mass retailers as well. Lavender and Chamomile are included with the premise that these are soothing ingredients that induce sleep. This product does have a nice gentle scent, but I was not fond of the texture of the formula. I found it quite runny and I seemed to go through it very fast as a result. This would be a fantastic brand for anyone concerned with using natural and vegan products.

If you have little Foxes of your own, do you use anything special during bath time? 

4 thoughts on “Baby Be Gentle

  1. We also use the Live Clean items for our daughter. I love the way they smell, and that it doesn’t cause he skin to rash become dry. We always have the bubble bath and the bug pump of shampoo/body wash in!


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