Product Review: Anastasia Brow Dip Pomade Blonde

In case you did not already know this about me, I am pretty obsessed with finding a perfect brow product. I have  invisi-brows and require some sort of product to make me feel like I am part of the human race. Last  year, one of my most popular posts was when I wrote about how I loved Benefit’s Gimme Brow for a more natural look. That still stands and I continue to use it on my no make-up days (which are really light make-up days), but I have totally bought into the hype of the Anastasia Brow Dip!

Let me back up a little…. I first heard about Anastasia Soare years ago when she was on the Oprah Winfrey show. She was the brow guru to the stars and commanded all things brow even before brows were a big thing. She came to the US from Romania and did not speak English, but through perseverance and a laser-focus on success, she built her brand from plucking brows to a beauty empire known as Anastasia Beverly Hills. Check out this article to learn more about her story.

Anastasia products are probably the ones I see the most on my Instagram feed. Bloggers, makeup artists and beauty junkies all love these products and the results shown look absolutely beautiful. I figure a lady who started out as an aesthetician plucking brows who went on to build such formidable brand would really know a thing or two about the perfect brow products. Her selection of brow products is unparalleled in the industry in both formulations and shade selection. There is literally something for everyone in this line up and nobody has to compromise a thing.

photo 2-4I picked up the Brow Dip Pomade in Blonde well over a month ago. It comes in a little glass jar with a screw on lid, presumably to keep it airtight as these types of products can dry out quickly if not protected from air. I will admit there was a bit of a learning curve with the Brow Dip and I had to revisit some YouTube tutorials several times over to get the hang of it. But now that I get it, I am never turning back to a brow powder! Nothing compares to this product for look, wearability and longevity. There are many shades and I have noticed that some prominent makeup artist bloggers even use two at a time to create a natural graduated look. Brow Dip stays on… and on…. and on. This stuff just does not dissipate or rub off easily, and if you are brow challenged like me you will appreciate still having them where they should be by day’s end.


I had to play with several different brushes before I found the one that worked well with this product. At first I tried a natural hair angle brush, but found that the pomade would clump up on it rather quickly, even with cleaning it in between uses. I ended up using a synthetic angle brush, and wipe it clean with an eye makeup remover every 2-3 uses to keep it working well. After dipping the brush in the pomade, I wipe some of it off on the inside of the lid to keep as little product as possible on the brush. You do not need a lot of this stuff to do the job!

photo 3-4
Step 1
photo 4-3
Steps 2 and 3 completed

Step 1 – With my brush I apply a very light feathery touch of the Brow Dip to about 3/4 of my brow, leaving the very inside for last. I sketch a light line to form a guideline, and then Step 2– move the product around with the brush and feathery strokes to create the fullness. At the end, Step 3– I go back in with my brush to fill in the inner part of my brow closer to my nose. If I require more pomade, I simply work off of the lid rather than re-dipping into the pomade itself. I have to say that I think I will end up buying the Brow Wiz by Anastasia also to help do this part as Brow Wiz allows for a more precise application.

photo 3-5
Completed brows (and mascara added too)

A final step is to create a clean line under and over your brow by applying a thin line of concealer with a tiny brush. Gently blend the concealer and voila- brows that frame the face beautifully! I can see this product in my life for a long time, and will likely change it up by trying out slightly darker shades when my hair has it’s seasonal darkening in the fall. I really would love to try all of the products that Anastasia Beverly Hills has to offer and hope that the entire line-up will become more readily available in Canada.

Can anyone out there confirm that I am not the only one faking my brows? Please Foxy Friends…. let me know!



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