Look No Further For The Best Concealer

I was watching this YouTube tutorial by Samantha from Batalash Beauty when I first saw Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in action. I had to back it up and watch again. And again (watch around the 1:43 mark). I was fascinated by the way this concealer looked on screen.

NARSI actually thought to myself, “There is no way this concealer is going to be as good as I think it was on the video. She is like, 22, and has young tight skin, no major issues and blah blah blah….” I was not going to get my hopes up on this pricey little concealer, but I knew I was going to try it out ASAP.


Well, praise be to that video tutorial… this concealer did not disappoint and has not let me down. I am so impressed with how smooth and creamy it is when it goes on and this creaminess gives you a lot of time to blend it before it sets. The creaminess is also very forgiving around tired eyes and fine lines. Usually, this type of texture can mean a lot of creasing later in the day, but I set it after blending with a touch of banana coloured pressed powder (from Anastasia Beverly Hills which you can read about here) and a fluffy brush, and it looks great and crease free well into the evening. Even when I have skipped the powder, it looks fresh far longer than any concealer I have ever tried.

The coverage is amazing, and the slight peachy tone of the Custard shade corrects any darkness and also brightens under my eyes. Until this magic tube of sleep, I had been pretty loyal to my Bobbi Brown concealer, but I can say unequivocally that after using Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer there will be no turning back.

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