So You Wanna Contour?


Contour is everywhere, and there are so many different beauty products you can use to achieve a sculpted look – matte neutral eyeshadows, bronzers, foundations, concealers, face powders, etc. Having an actual contour product is not necessary, yet I found myself seeking out a specific contour  and highlighting palette (hoarder problems).

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit was being featured all over social media and by bloggers and vloggers alike, so in true compulsive fashion I ran out to get my hands on one for myself. It was my lucky day, since there was only one Light to Medium palette left on the shelf.

This kit has three shades for highlighting and three for contouring. I love that there is variety in the highlighting shades, and one of them is matte. The other two have a soft shimmer, but are not over the top. I use the shimmery ones on top of my cheekbones, under the brow, and above the center of my lips. The matte one is a banana shade which is absolutely PERFECT to set my undereye concealer. Read all about my fave concealer here.

As for the three contour shades, I am drawn most to the one in the center, but I use all three of them interchangeably. I can’t really tout the value of one over the other as I find all of them look very similar once blended. I know a lot of people use these as a contour on the eye lids as well, but due to my eye sensitivities I have not even tried this myself.

photo 3To illustrate the power of a contour and highlight, in the side by side photo you can see my face with no makeup at all and then the final result. The single photo shows the contour placement before I blended it in). photo 5I love the contour and highlight palette to give my round face some shape and definition. The powder is very pigmented,  applies easily and blends very well.

It takes time and commitment to blend in a contour application and I have to say I have improved my technique vastly since these photos, but I haven’t had much time to document the improved process.

Lastly, I want to touch on the slimness of this compact. This makes it a perfect travel companion vs. bulky or boxy powders, and it doesn’t take up much real estate at home either. I actually like to store this and other flat compacts on end likes books on a shelf.

Did the contouring trend influence you to try it out for yourself? Or maybe you were already doing it? Let me know!

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