The Head Fox

Hi Foxes. My name is Glenda. I have been in the business of beauty for over two decades (yikes!) at both the retail and corporate level.

photo-21Over the years I have been able to play with thousands of beauty products and let me tell  you – I absolutely love it! Beauty is my passion. Not just the idea of attaining beauty through products, but through the act of feeling beautiful, and by using beauty products to enhance your best! Feeling better about yourself invokes emotion and confidence. I don’t mean this to sound cliche or anything, but it is through my years working with customers and volunteering that I discovered this.

I was working in Edmonton many years ago and there was a customer standing in front of the cosmetic wall with tears in her eyes, looking very overwhelmed. I asked her how I could help her. She told me that her sister was in the hospital with a terminal illness, and it was one of her final wishes to wear her favourite lipstick again. The lady in my store had no idea what it was or how to locate it as she had forgotten the slip of paper with the name at home.

The stars were aligned that day because I had known her sister as a customer and had made notes on her preferences. I quickly rifled through my recipe box with index cards that served as a makeshift filing system and found the brand and shade – Revlon Moondrops in Persian Melon. The customer was very grateful to have this product to deliver to her sister and she told me that all she wanted was to feel beautiful again and have a little control over her appearance. Wow! That was an intense and unforgettable day and I was honoured to play a small part in it.

Most days beauty is for fun, or to express yourself, or to give you a little extra confidence in this crazy world. But there are times when it is far more meaningful and it should not be treated as just an appearance related or vain thing to do. Please join me on my first blogging journey as I introduce you to some of my areas of expertise, and to some of my own personal favourites.

I have served ten of thousands of customers over the years, and my dedicated service earned me a Cosmetic Outstanding Service Award (COSA) in 2005. This award celebrates the accomplishments and dedication of all those who work in the beauty industry in Canada, and it was a tremendous honour and career highlight to receive this prestigious 3-3

Since then I have worked serving the education needs of the beauty staff at a major retailer, and this has been a challenging and rewarding endeavour. Education is such an important factor of the beauty industry, and I have been very fortunate to have worked with so many inspiring educators over the years. What a wonderful career!

I volunteer with a beautiful organization called Look Good Feel Better. Look Good Feel Better is Canada’s only charitable cancer program dedicated to empowering women to manage the effects that cancer and its treatment can have on their appearance. Created from a belief that if a woman with cancer can be helped to look good, chances are she’ll feel better, her spirits will be lifted and she’ll be empowered to face her illness with greater confidence. If you are in the beauty business please consider volunteering in your area, and if you are not in the business please consider this amazing charity when you plan your charitable contributions. I have seen first hand how this program can completely change  a woman’s outlook.

On a final note, please ensure that all of the opinions and thoughts on this blog are solely my own, and do not represent my place of employment or any specific brand or retailer. This is a personal hobby and past time and is in no way representative of anyone or anything else.

Well that is me Foxes – toodles for now!


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