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Product Review: Anastasia Brow Dip Pomade Blonde

In case you did not already know this about me, I am pretty obsessed with finding a perfect brow product. I have  invisi-brows and require some sort of product to make me feel like I am part of the human race. Last  year, one of my most popular posts was when I wrote about how I loved Benefit’s Gimme Brow for a more natural look. That still stands and I continue to use it on my no make-up days (which are really light make-up days), but I have totally bought into the hype of the Anastasia Brow Dip!

Let me back up a little…. I first heard about Anastasia Soare years ago when she was on the Oprah Winfrey show. She was the brow guru to the stars and commanded all things brow even before brows were a big thing. She came to the US from Romania and did not speak English, but through perseverance and a laser-focus on success, she built her brand from plucking brows to a beauty empire known as Anastasia Beverly Hills. Check out this article to learn more about her story.

Anastasia products are probably the ones I see the most on my Instagram feed. Bloggers, makeup artists and beauty junkies all love these products and the results shown look absolutely beautiful. I figure a lady who started out as an aesthetician plucking brows who went on to build such formidable brand would really know a thing or two about the perfect brow products. Her selection of brow products is unparalleled in the industry in both formulations and shade selection. There is literally something for everyone in this line up and nobody has to compromise a thing.

photo 2-4I picked up the Brow Dip Pomade in Blonde well over a month ago. It comes in a little glass jar with a screw on lid, presumably to keep it airtight as these types of products can dry out quickly if not protected from air. I will admit there was a bit of a learning curve with the Brow Dip and I had to revisit some YouTube tutorials several times over to get the hang of it. But now that I get it, I am never turning back to a brow powder! Nothing compares to this product for look, wearability and longevity. There are many shades and I have noticed that some prominent makeup artist bloggers even use two at a time to create a natural graduated look. Brow Dip stays on… and on…. and on. This stuff just does not dissipate or rub off easily, and if you are brow challenged like me you will appreciate still having them where they should be by day’s end.


I had to play with several different brushes before I found the one that worked well with this product. At first I tried a natural hair angle brush, but found that the pomade would clump up on it rather quickly, even with cleaning it in between uses. I ended up using a synthetic angle brush, and wipe it clean with an eye makeup remover every 2-3 uses to keep it working well. After dipping the brush in the pomade, I wipe some of it off on the inside of the lid to keep as little product as possible on the brush. You do not need a lot of this stuff to do the job!

photo 3-4

Step 1

photo 4-3

Steps 2 and 3 completed

Step 1 – With my brush I apply a very light feathery touch of the Brow Dip to about 3/4 of my brow, leaving the very inside for last. I sketch a light line to form a guideline, and then Step 2– move the product around with the brush and feathery strokes to create the fullness. At the end, Step 3– I go back in with my brush to fill in the inner part of my brow closer to my nose. If I require more pomade, I simply work off of the lid rather than re-dipping into the pomade itself. I have to say that I think I will end up buying the Brow Wiz by Anastasia also to help do this part as Brow Wiz allows for a more precise application.

photo 3-5

Completed brows (and mascara added too)

A final step is to create a clean line under and over your brow by applying a thin line of concealer with a tiny brush. Gently blend the concealer and voila- brows that frame the face beautifully! I can see this product in my life for a long time, and will likely change it up by trying out slightly darker shades when my hair has it’s seasonal darkening in the fall. I really would love to try all of the products that Anastasia Beverly Hills has to offer and hope that the entire line-up will become more readily available in Canada.

Can anyone out there confirm that I am not the only one faking my brows? Please Foxy Friends…. let me know!




Spot The Difference

Top Left: natural brows/ Top Right: one brow done with Gimme Brow/ Bottom Left: both brows with Gimme Brow/ Bottom Right: both done with Gimme Brow and a brow powder


I am a mostly hairless creature. I can get away with shaving my legs only 3 or 4 times all summer, I have smooth arms with little to no hair, and my eyebrows are practically invisible. They exist, but I joke that they are see – through. To those if you rolling you eyes and saying, “I wish I had YOUR problem”, I get it. I know that I am fortunate in this area and have little room to complain. But I look like an alien without my eyebrows!

photo 1-2

Natural brows

I learned early on in my beauty career that defined eyebrows can make a HUGE difference on my face. If you see me without them, you might not be able to tell that they’re missing, but you will notice that something is a little off, not quite complete. There’s too much forehead or too much eyelid… just something doesn’t make sense. 

For years I have been an all out full glamour brow diva. I liked it strong and with a retro appeal. I have had two children since 2012, and my beauty routine has suffered a little. I am not walking around naked faced or anything, but I had to find some ways to compromise and shorten my application process. I have discovered that I actually prefer the results from some of these short-cuts. 

photo 3-2

Simply Magic

Now, my new go-to for a natural yet finished brow is Benefit’s Gimme Brow. This is a brush-on “fiber gel” and comes in what looks like a little mascara tube. It is so weird and awesome – the fiber gel is applied with the tiny mascara- like wand and it adheres to skin and hair to create the look of hair. It builds up what you already have and adds volume, and fills in where you don’t have hair with realistic looking magic. You will notice that when I do not fully understand how something works or if something is simply too awesome to explain I will refer to it as magic.

The brush itself is tapered and lets me brush on flat in the fuller part of my brow and use the pointier tip to apply to the outer area. So speedy. So awesome. So magical. This baby is water resistant, natural looking, buildable and long wearing. I seal the deal  by brushing a spooly brush through my brows after the product has dried. This gives me a pretty significant improvement with minimal effort!

photo 2-2

One brow with Gimme Brow applied


photo 4-3

Spooly brush on top, angle brush on bottom

I often use Gimme Brow all by itself now and am pleased with how speedy I can apply it. When I want a brow that stands out even more, or an “evening” brow I will apply a brow powder over top of Gimme Brow to amp it up even more. I used to use just a brow powder alone before I discovered Gimme Brow, but it tended to wear off a little throughout the day. Gimme Brow is great alone but also provides a nice base for when I want to apply powder, so when the powder fades or rubs off I have a back up plan! For powder I like to use the lightest shade available, usually a taupe or a blonde. I found that even when I apply makeup on people very rarely does anyone require a dark eyebrow shade to fill in the brows. You need an angle brush with a very fine edge, and a spooly brush for this too. I tap the angle brush in the brow powder and gently sketch along my natural brow, and then build on my natural brow to make them fuller.

photo 5

Gimme Brow and brow powder. Now you can tell if I am surprised!


Here are some brow powders that I have used and like:

Here are some application tips:

  • As mentioned before, almost everyone suits using a blonde or light brow shade. Unless you are really dark haired, stick to a lighter shade
  • Realize that this takes a little practice, but once you get used to applying brow products it is really fast
  • Start slow on just one eye brow and think about “sketching” – use light feathery strokes and avoid using a pressing motion or too much product on your brush
  • Compare after you have done only one eye – do not get up close and scrutinize it. Anyone that close to you should be interested in something other than your eyebrows anyhow
  • Do NOT use a magnifying mirror to do this. Those things serve mostly evil purposes
  • When you go to do other brow keep in mind that your brows should like sisters but not twins, and not like distant cousins
  • A spooly brush is super helpful to allow you to lighten the look, so do not freak out if it looks to dark or obvious. Spooly it! If you do not have one use a super soft NEW children’s toothbrush or an old but pristinely cleaned off mascara wand
  • The first time you wear your brows out, don’t be surprised if nobody notices. They might say something like “You look well rested,” or “You look good. Did you get an eye lift?”
  • Allow yourself to be uncomfortable for the first few times you see yourself with brows. It is something new. After a little while you will look back at old photos of yourself without brows and think that you look a little crazy

(One note that I really hope does not apply to you or ANY of my Foxy readers – if you are undergoing chemotherapy and stand a chance to lose hair, get used to drawing on your eyebrows BEFORE the hair falls out. That way you will already be used to following your natural shape and it won’t be such a daunting task on top of everything else.)

Ok Foxes, that’s my brow chatter. Tell me if you do anything to your eyebrows… what is your process? Lighten them, pluck, tweeze, sketch them on? I wanna know!