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Day 22: Foxy Advent Calendar Tip Of The Day

With Sonya Zaffino working as a Specialist at Sephora, the Foxes in Kingston, Ontario have never looked so…well, Foxy! When she isn’t doling out top notch advice from her 16 years of experience in beauty, Sonya volunteers with a local chapter of Look Good Feel Better as a consultant. Lucky for us she had the time to provide us with the Day 22 tip:

“Do you ever get super staticky hair in those winter months??? The key to combating this problem is to have lots of moisture in the hair when it is dry. The more moisture, the less likely you are to have static. One way to achieve static free hair is by using a leave in conditioner, apply as per the product directions but best if applied in the steamy shower air. Another item you can try is a moisture control styling cream product applied to towel dried hair. Mix it with a few drops of your favourite oil such as Ojon or Kendi oils and voila! Your hair is hydrated. Another few drops of oil applied to the ends of dried hair also helps to lock in that moisture and keep staticky flyaways at bay.”

We have another hair expert! This is good news my Foxy Friends, I will take all of the hair advice that I can get.

What about you, Foxes, do you use an oil or serum in your hair? What kind?


Day 11: Foxy Advent Calendar Tip Of The Day



Something that I love about knowing all the experts that I do in this industry is seeing how we are all able to rack up so many years under our belts and have a career with some real longevity. Michelle Tasios Davies is a Foxy friend who has 15 years in the beauty industry already and currently works as a Business Consultant for L’Oreal Professionnel. Check out Michelle’s blog peace, love, thirty for some life musings and her journey as she approaches a milestone birthday.  Here is Michelle’s Foxy hair tip:

2084439“Don’t wash your hair every day!!! Try to wash only 2 – 3 times a week maximum. Your hair needs it’s natural oils and over cleansing can give you a dry, rough texture. If you haven’t tried a dry shampoo, it’s time to give in. A good dry shampoo can be life changing when you realize that you can save time in the morning AND have beautiful hair. The secret to this step? DRY CONDITIONER. I use a Pureology product called Fresh Approach. This is one of the most amazing products I’ve ever come across, it’s also completely colour safe and 100% vegan. Essentially, you want to use this on your lengths and ends. It will tame those ‘hair fairies’, the strands that seem to run wild when you’re asleep. It will also add softness and shine with essential oils to the ends of your hair. The biggest benefit? This is crazy amazing when it comes to tackling static. I spray this on my ends every morning before I leave my house to prevent static during the day. I also like to keep a bottle in my car for on-the-go emergencies!! Hat hair? Hmm, never heard of it…”


imageBEFORE – This is Michelle’s hair the day after she washed it. It gets oily and piecey at the roots, but the ends are dry, frizzy and they fly away in all directions

image-2AFTER – Michelle used dry shampoo at the roots, and dry conditioner at the ends and then brushed it through her hair


Thanks Michelle – I am so happy to have a hair expert on board helping all of us out! Watch for a post with more hair know-how from Michelle coming soon! Foxes – do you wash your hair everyday? Have you ever tried a dry shampoo?