About Foxy Face Beauty

I am busy. I love beauty. I have a full-time career. I love beauty. I write this blog part-time. I love beauty. 

cropped-photo-81.jpgBeauty is, and has been, a big part of my life for a very long time. I am not at a point in my life where I have the ability to make amazing video tutorials with complicated and stunning creations. I am not pretending to be one of these makeup gurus that brings makeup application to a whole new level. I am all about the average busy mom who wants a little glam in their lives, or the teen aspiring to get makeup on their face for the very first time and build their confidence, or or the career woman who wants to polish their look. I wish I could be on the cutting edge and wow you all with my mad skills, but that is simply not where I am in my life at this time.

I aim to share my knowledge of skin care and beauty with you. I love to talk about new products that have hit the market as well as my perennial favourites. I have thought long and hard about who this blog is for, and it is for all of you who want to visit the land of beauty when you get a chance to escape from your busy lives. Most of all, being a wee bit selfish, it is for me; a conduit to allow me to continue to love beauty.

XOXO – Head Fox

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